"WAMS Authentication" sample error on windows phone 8.1


Hi everyone,
thanks to the creators of codeShow! I'm using your app and MVA to learn Windows Phone 8.1 :)

I get an exception when I try to auth via WAMS on Windows Phone 8.1.
VS outputs a WinRTError: Not implemented...

Okay, In the JS console I also get two warnings:
1) "The method Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.IWebAuthenticationBrokerStatics.authenticateAsync has been deprecated. AuthenticateAsync is unavailable for releases beginning with Windows Phone 8.1. Instead, use AuthenticateAndContinue or AuthenticateSilentlyAsync" (I have no idea - absolute WP newbie)
2) "The method Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources.Core.ResourceMap.getValue has been deprecated. GetValue(string) may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows Phone 'OSVersion' (TBD). Instead, use GetValue(string, ResourceContext)."

In the comment of the function MobileServiceLogin.prototype.login it says:
/// Only applies to Windows 8 clients. Will be ignored on other platforms. (MobileServices.js, line 1211)

Okay... Is there any workaround for Windows Phone 8.1 ? Can you include one in codeShow?


mario_hammer wrote Sep 23, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Ok guys, I found an example in the msdn.microsoft.com's sample section for Windows Phone 8.1 that works.
It's easy to find. Maybe you want to integrate that in codeshow :)


codefoster wrote Sep 24, 2014 at 3:51 AM

Yeah, many of the demos have yet to be tested and tweaked to work well on the phone. Feel free to fork, fix, and pull request to become a contributor. Otherwise, we'll just have to see when I find some time :) Thanks for using codeShow.