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2014-11-21 Moved this repo to GitHub to expand collaboration opportunities.

2014-09-08 Merged Scratch to master meaning that the latest version of codeShow (v3) is now what you get when you just get the default 'master' branch of the project. You'll need the latest version of Visual Studio 2013 and you'll need to let Nuget restore package dependencies for you.

2014-09-08 Quick Note to say that I intend to get the 'scratch' branch merged into master very soon so you can all start using the universal apps. I also owe many of you an answer in the DISCUSSIONS or ISSUES sections. Hang tight for just a little longer.

2014-05-06 Started moving files to shared project - I'm starting the work of converting codeShow to a shared app by moving application files to the shared directory and then testing to be sure the Windows project still functions the same.

2014-05-05 - I haven't been adding to the News page much, but there is a lot of news! codeShow is in the Store at version 2 now, and even since then there have been a number of changes. I'm glad to have a total of 4 contributors to the project. If you'd like to be another, jump right in. It's fun, it's a great way to learn, and it's a great way to get your name on an open source project.

2013-08-09 - lots of changes afoot on codeShow right now codeShow 2.0 is going to be released before long with support for Windows 8.1, new graphics, a new hub screen, and a new architecture ready to handle lots of other functions related to learning how to develop in Windows 8. Stay tuned.

2013-04-17 - codeSHOW Release 3 now available in the Store! The third release of codeSHOW brings a number of changes and some bug fixes. The much awaited ability to copy code from the code view is available thanks to Iqaan - a new contributor to codeSHOW. The ad functionality was improved to serve custom ads from Azure if an ad is not available. The Netflix demos were removed (because Netflix killed their API). And a number of other demos were added.

2013-02-26 - added demos I am adding demos in preparation for the upcoming JumpStart through the Microsoft Virtual Academy. WAMS Push, Discover, and Components have been added so far.

2013-02-05 - codeSHOW is now using git! I finally had some time to go on a romantic excursion with git and fall in love like I knew I would. So codeSHOW is now converted to git. I expect lots of support from all of you git experts out there. I also expect you to fork away and issue some pull requests. I'd love to include some crowd sourced demos!

2013-01-02 - the second release is live in the store now! The store team has been amazing. Good support. It turns out the problems were all mine too. If finally succeeded when I employed my wife to test the full breadth of the app and she found some hidden bugs for me. Remote debugging in Visual Studio 2012 was awesome for this. I just hit F5 and it launches codeSHOW on her Surface (wirelessly of course) and when she hits a bug it breaks in VS on my machine! Sweet.

2012-12-24 - the second release has failed a couple of times :( I thought I had found all of the pain points, but the good people in the certification process have apparently found some more. I think I have the last of them and it's been submitted again. Look forward to a much easier switch between code and demo modes. Thanks for using codeSHOW.

2012-12-17 - codeSHOW second release (coming soon!) I just submitted an update to codeSHOW in the Store. It should be available soon. I fixed a couple of bugs and add demos for Bing Maps and for making a div slide in from off screen.

2012-12-03 - codeSHOW is in the Store! You can go to or search the Store to get it. I have already been introduced to a couple of minor bugs in the app, so another update is coming soon complete with new and newly improved demos. Thanks for downloading and using codeSHOW. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Let me know if you have good ideas for good demos that may be of benefit to others.

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