codeSHOW is a community project!
We want very much for you to use and enjoy this project, band we want you to make contributions as well. Here are the exact steps for using Visual Studio 2013 for forking the project on CodePlex, making your changes, and then issuing a pull request to get your changes pulled into the main project.
Please let us know (jeremy dot foster at microsoft dot com) if you have any trouble at all.

Visual Studio 2013

!Forking and contributing to codeSHOW
!!Go to and log in
!!Go to the source code tab and click Fork
You now have a fork of the codeSHOW project. That means that you have copied it to your CodePlex account. You could go about making whatever changes you want in your version of project completely separate from the “master” version that I maintain in my CodePlex account, but the added benefit is that you can do “pull requests” to essentially submit a change that you think should be submitted to the master version.
!!Now look in the Forks section of the source code tab and you’ll see your fork
!!Copy its clone link
!!Go to Team Explorer in VS2013
!!Choose Settings and edit the Git Settings
_Make sure you have everything current in there including the link to your root development folder
I suggest you enable author images_
!!Go to Projects | Connect to Team Projects
!!Click Clone and paste the clone URL in there
!!Check that you like the directory it’s going to and hit Clone
!!Double click on the project once it’s done cloning
!!Double click on the .sln file under Solutions
!!Make your changes (see conventions below)
!!Go back to Team Explorer | Changes
!!Enter a commit message and commit your changes
At this point, you have only “committed” the change to your working directory on your computer. It has not been “pushed” to the fork that you have in your codeplex account and has certainly not had any effect on the master project in my codeplex account.
!!Switch to Commits (in Team Explorer) and press Sync
This will prompt you for your codeplex “flat” credentials. In other words, this is not your live account, but your codeplex account credentials. When this finishes, your changes will not only be on your local working directory but also uploaded to your codeplex fork. They still have not made it to the master project. If you go to your forked codeplex project, click on source code, and click on History, you’ll see the commit you made and you can even drill in and see the changes.
!!Click Send Pull Request
This is where you determine that the changes you made, committed, and pushed up to your fork should be in the master project. This sends a request that I receive, review, and merge into the main project.

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