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HTML5 examples not showing up in build

Oct 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Edited Oct 15, 2014 at 2:29 AM

When I build the project, I can see my the CodeShow C# and the codeShow JavaScript apps. But I cannot figure out how to view the HTML5 only examples..?

I tried making the codeShow.JS.old a stand alone project, but the application will not run. I see the codeShow() splash, then it hides.

Oct 15, 2014 at 7:23 PM
I found my answer. The old examples (Im viewing the "Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start" video with the old codeShow() ) are there, just some of them have been disabled. Go to the demo, and edit the json file, set the enable to true. I haven't been able to ignore enable:false, by moding the code. But I only needed to view a couple to work out some the examples in the video.
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